Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Lighthouse Blues Review

WALT: We are learning to work collaboratively as we carry out various reading tasks
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Here is my prediction (Unfinished):
After Anton had heard stan’s last words “ Never journey in there, you never know how dangerous it could be” Anton said nothing but nodded in response. After an awkward silence between them Stan scanned the sky and said “ we should probably get going it’s almost sundown” They both walked back to the hutt stumbling on each stone on the ground that lay in their way! Once they got back they both slumped on their beds and fell straight to sleep.

In the morning Anton especially woke up at 2am that day before Stan woke up and plus stan normally wakes at 12pm so that should definitely give Anton enough time to check the lighthouse out especially because it’s daylight so it won’t creep him out other than walking through pitch black and having the worst time of his life!


Task Description:
Today for our reading we read a story called Lighthouse Blues, we had to read the 1st and 2nd chapter then stop and predict what happens next then once we did that we had to share our work with someone else and read their work and comment on any mistakes they have had then we write a blog post and share our writing with the world!

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  1. Wow! I haven't read this book but your prediction makes me want to!
    Love Mum