Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Walt: Use Correct Sentences To Help Structure Our Writing

Today we had an amazing experience.
This experience involved a blindfold, and skill.
Have you ever had so much fun in a blindfold game?

Today our class were going on a fun and enjoyable experience, for our writing. While we were in our
class, Room 7, we listened very carefully to Mr Goodwin as he demanded us to walk quickly and quietly
outside to line up in two lines. Mr Goodwin was holding a plastic bag with something in it I started to
wonder what was inside and what it had to do with this activity, or whatever was inside! It wasn’t a long
walk to the park on the bottom fields as we were told to sit down as soon we got there, while we were
there Mr Goodwin asked an old teacher that used to come to our school and asked if she could do the
honors of rating our walk to the park, she gave it a 4/10 which is all good, at least she was honest! We
were told the game we were playing and the instructions for it! We were playing… Blindfold, “yay!”
everyone shouted and cheered we all were told to quieten down as we were told the instructions “you
are to blindfold one member of your pair and guide them through as many obstacles as you can you
have three minutes” everyone quickly blindfolded and started!

It was me and Freedom together, he’s my best friend and he went first. I chose for him all the hard
obstacles like rock climbing, monkey bars, the fire fox and way more cool stunts that he got to have a
go on! He must’ve had a great time when it was his turn. I can even imagine how fun it would be, since
we both know the park very well he suggested that he wanted to jump off a very high bar that I wouldn’t
even have the guts to jump off but he is more interested in parkour way more than me. We could do the
craziest things but the number one rule was to keep the blindfolded member of your pair safe and luckily
no one got injured! His one took three minutes.

Once Freedom’s time was up he handed it straight over to me and tied it very fast, well I knew he
wanted to get going! We basically did the exact same thing but with smaller jumps and I stood on the top
of the firefox and had to jump off without even knowing I was going to but luckily I landed safely on my
feet but that did give me shivers! We swung on bars and I did the fireman pole which was very creepy
because I dropped so fast then I had to grab a rope and climb up a ramp to get to the top where I slid
down the fireman pole, Freedom kept trying to convince me to jump off but I didn’t have the guts to so I
slid down again, soon after that Mr Goodwin told us to come in and put the blindfolds away, then line up
in two straight lines and walk back to class! My one took 5 minutes for some reason!

I would definitely recommend this this to anyone and if your wondering will this be fun if you ask me I
would definitely say yes! If you are thinking on doing this experience then I would probably get a partner
to do it with you cause’ then you can be more safe and it’s way more fun! I actually had a lot of fun even
though I got a massive ground shock from jumping off the firefox!

Task Description:
This week we had to write a recount about an experience we did! I found it fun and easy!


  1. That is amazing I hope you had fun writing.

  2. This is awesome writing how could you write all of this? Your brain is so smart how much do you learn? Please Make sure to reply back. Hope you Enjoy!

  3. That sounds like a great and challenging experience for you and Freedom - great writing about a memorable opportunity!
    Love Mum