Friday, 19 October 2018

Pioneer Photographer Agree/ Disagree

Walt: Look For Information In The Text

Agree / Disagree
Agree/ Disagree
Explanation and Evidence
Alfred Burton is a famous photographer from New Zealand.
"Just over a hundred years ago, a photographer called Alfred Burton came to new zealand from england."
Alfred likened his photography skills to that of a Hunter.
“Burton thought of himself as a hunter, going into the wild places.”
Alfred used to keep the film in his back pocket while taking photos.
“Photographs were not taken on small rolls of film, but on big sheets of glass, called ‘plates’.”
In some areas Alfred needed to ride a horse, or even carry his equipment on his back.
“Sometimes he travelled with a dark van, specially built for him by a coach builder in dunedin. Sometimes he rode a horse, with his equipment loaded on a packhorse. When the tracks were not good enough for horses, he had to carry everything on his back, in a special pack.”
Alfred would usually go away on expeditions taking about 3 months.
“On an expedition lasting three weeks, and allowing only twenty photographs a day, the photographer would need to carry 420 sheets of glass.”
Crossing rivers was a tricky thing for Alfred to do with all his equipment.
“On one of his earliest trips, he was crossing a river, with a packhorse carrying his photographs and equipment. The horse stumbled in the swirling water, and when Alfred got to the other side, he found that all his processed photographs were wet.”

Answer here. Use evidence from the text.
Explain why you think Alfred wanted to take photos of New Zealand scenery.
“He soon became excited by the beauty of New Zealand's mountains and lakes and bush and rivers. He wanted to take photographs of them for everyone to see.”
Do you think this would have been a frustrating job?
 Yes Because “It was very hard for a photographer to travel around with his camera in those days.”

How much easier is for photographers nowadays and why?
Please explain what you mean.
The reason why it’s easier nowadays is because all you have to do is get out your camera, then click a button, and you have a picture saved with the data storage on your camera. Back then you had to get your camera, put a whole lot of stuff on the camera, then you have to carry the pictures around the entire place and, there really heavy!

Task Description:
this week we had to agree or disagree to the questions that we were asked then we had to say why we chose the specific answer that we told our teacher! I found it fun!


  1. Very good comprehension of the text you've read.
    I know you love taking pictures - but you're right it's so much easier these days to transport cameras/phones around!
    Love Mum

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