Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Check Out My Tiny Hand-sized 3D Printed House

Intro: This is my special 3D Printed House. This house took a long time to create, like three weeks! Have you ever made a 3D printed house?

Throughout term 3 my class and I have all created our own mini hand-sized houses with an LED light to make it glow in the dark. It’s actually pretty cool to see. The way we make these houses is by Tinkercad which is a cool website which you can create an account and make whatever you want using all sorts of blocks!

As you can see below that my house that I created has a see through chimney and my crafted initials just to the right and a garage all the way to the left. My house also includes of 13 hand-crafted windows, well that is if you count the chimney as well! I think that my house is the best because it stands out and also I think that my class took it to far making their house look to over the top!

To go with my house I added a little astronaut with a jetpack who I call… Astrobot, just to get people interested more in my house and Astrobot! Another reason why I added Astrobot is because he looks welcoming especially while he waves his hand in a nice, kind and good way. I also colored Astrobot grey because then he’ll stand out since his entire house is painted white!

Altogether the house, the LED light and even the Astrobot look good together which makes me very proud of my accomplishments as almost everytime I walk past someone they are stunned by my house my teacher has been showing off my work to other teachers and staff members of the school!

Thank You For Reading My Story!
Hope You Enjoyed It!


  1. HI my name is Aaliyah and I love your tiny hand-sized 3D printed house. I was doing my house but I didn't finish it. was it hard to make that? but did you have fun? bye.

    1. it was very hard to make and yes I did have fun!

  2. Wow - the little house looked amazing, both to see the detail in the daytime, and to see it glowing with the blue light at night.
    Both your house and Astrobot are an awesome work of art!
    Love Mum